About us

Our Agency

Our agency has been in operation for one year and was established in London. Our roots are in Germany because it's the country where the owners live. In November 2022, we officially registered the agency in London for strategic purposes, although our main operations are conducted in Germany.

At present, our team comprises more than 10 individuals hailing from four different continents. The majority of our team members originate from Latin America and Germany. They play a crucial role in the agency's success, which is why we ensure that each new staff member undergoes comprehensive training before joining our team.

At Solo Fun Agency, we place great emphasis on communication and delivering on our promises. Our goal is to create an environment where you can feel secure and content working with us, knowing that we are

Our Team

As mentioned in the previous text, we have a team of over 10 employees spanning across more than 4 continents, dedicated to delivering optimal results for our models.

We are continuously seeking new individuals who share our values and aspirations. Our objective is to offer a solid foundation for creators, regardless of their scale, and empower them to significantly grow their accounts. By doing so, we strive to guide these creators toward achieving their personal goals and unlocking their full potential.